About LoadPe

Living in the city, we never have enough time to do all the things we want to do.

LoadPe can change the way you move things, how you shop and lets you access your city like never before. We’re an app that connects you to the nearest delivery partner who can make purchases, pick up items from any store or restaurant in the city and bring them to you.

It’s never easy to make purchases or drop off packages when you get busy with work, get stuck in traffic, or you might even end up forgetting about it completely.

LoadPe is INDIA’s Fastest growing Digital Logistics Platform developed by Jaladhi Technologies Pvt Ltd, Jaipur to facilitate End to End Logistic Services across Industrial, Retail, Construction, Agricultural and other various sectors.

Through LoadPe we are solving many Logistic problems like, long wait time, unreasonable bargaining, theft or damage of goods, driver no show etc.

All you need to do is,

Tell us where to ship the goods, what needs to be done and when.

What happens next? Sit back, and let us worry about your task-at-hand.

You could say that we are always on the move for you.

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Best Price Guaranteed
Real Time Navigation
Instant Goods Insurance
End to End OTP Authentication
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